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I know rollerblading is a bit out of date and not so cool (I can’t help but think of the early 90s and the ugly elbow pads). However, it lives on in Brussels through the weekly Roller Parade. This Friday is the last ride of the season, so dust off your rollerblades or join by bike. They blast loud dance music to keep you going as the group tours around the city.

The meeting point is Place Poelaert at 7pm. And don’t worry, there is a first aid team that skates with the group in case you have a tumble along the route.

The local police confirm the parade around 4pm on the same day – so double check the website before suiting up.

Has anyone ever done this? Worth a try or not?

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One thought on “Roller Parade

  1. hn says:

    do it..first round is a small one..leading back (more or less) to the starting point, best follows after…been at most of the parades last year..together with our kids, now 8 +10 …they can´t wait until 2night..kept me asking 4 months when it will start again…

    the parades are really good organised, way covered by police + helpers; ambulance + a bus picking up the ones who are tired or afraid to pass through tunnels, drinks are handed out for free, sponsored by 2 well-known companies..
    anyway, lots of fun, but sometimes ppl. think they can skate better than they actually do and hit others..on each of the “goes” I´ve seen ppl getting hurt, and on one of the parades I got hit by another skater while standing, falling on my ellbow which resultet in nearly one-years trouble…so I would not say its a dangerous-free go, but def. its worth a try if have never done it before..and if you like skating you might get addict.

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