Bored? Bordeaux!

Tired of the Wednesday night crowd at Place du Chatelain? I know I am. So in my search for new things to do mid-week, I’ve discovered Apéros Vintage Bordeaux. Every Wednesday in October, a different bar in Brussels is hosting a Bordeaux wine tasting along with live music. The wines are part of the Sélection Bordeaux Coups de Coeur 2011 and are €3 to €5 per glass. And if you’re really a wine geek, you’ll have the chance to meet the winemakers and discuss nutty aromas, hints of red berries and soil conditions. 

The next tasting is today from 6 to 9pm at Le Cercle des Voyageurs in downtown Brussels.

Or join one of the upcoming tastings:

London Calling (46 Rue de Dublin, 1050 Ixelles) on 12 October

Les Pénates (42, rue de Vergnies 1050 Ixelles) on 19 October

Le Bar du Matin (172 Chaussée d’Alsemberg, 1190 Forest) on 26 October

More to come on other wine bars around Brussels soon. Cheers!

Images via Le Cercle des Voyageurs and Paperblog.

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One thought on “Bored? Bordeaux!

  1. Oli says:

    I confirm, it’s a great/relax/fun alternative to the “usual” wednesday’s in Brussels.
    Live music, usually acoustic makes it even more enjoyable…
    Spread the word, only 3 more dates in Brussels…!

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