Happy birthday Horta

The sixth Biennial Art Nouveau Event “From Art Nouveau to Art Deco”, organized by the Voir et Dire Bruxelles association, is paying tribute to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Victor Horta, the famous Belgian architect. The event offers the opportunity to discover a number of exceptional buildings in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles in Brussels not usually open to the public. Around 15 interior visits are available each weekend in October, with indoor and outdoor guided tours of mansions, private homes, schools and public buildings (available in French, Dutch and English).

15 & 16 October – Around the Ixelles Ponds
22 & 23 October – Central & Western Brussels
29 & 30 October – Uccle, Forest, Saint-Gilles and the Avenue Louise

Voir et Dire Bruxelles also offers a number of walking/bus/bike tours through different neighbors of the city. I spotted two English language walking tours on the list – Taverns that tell the splendors of Art Nouveau and Art Deco and Horta, Hankar et Co.

In addition to the program of guided tours, there will be four special showings of films at the CINEMATEK (the Brussels Film Museum).

There are also a number of other tours and exhibitions taking place through the end of the year in celebration of Horta’s 150th anniversary.

With all the attention on Art Nouveau, it seems that La Belle Epoque is alive and well. Even Woody Allen is paying tribute with his latest film Midnight in Paris.  

Images via Visit Brussels and Voir et Dire Bruxelles.

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2 thoughts on “Happy birthday Horta

  1. I saw this too, I would be interested in doing this…

  2. Jane says:

    Cool! Let’s arrange a tour/time to do a visit. We should go this weekend if we can as it’s in the neighborhood 🙂

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