Bloomin’ art

If you’re not caught up in all the Tintin hype this Saturday, why not check out the 7th edition Art’n BLOOM! exhibition at the modern Hotel BLOOM near Botanique.


In 2009, Hotel BLOOM! invited students from famous European art schools to paint murals in 287 guest rooms on the theme “blooming”.  Eighteen of the rooms were left untouched so the hotel could host temporary exhibitions in the space.

The show on 22 October is all about fashion and will give young and upcoming designers, photographers and other artists a chance to display their work in an original way. More renowned brands and designers will also present their creations in some of hotel’s meeting rooms.

Looking at the pictures from previous events, the art looks like a combination of installations, paintings and all sorts of strange creations. It all looks a bit wacky, but worth a visit nonetheless. The entrance fee (€4 with pre-registration or €6 at the door) includes a glass of champagne. Hey, I’m all for free drinks!

The exhibition runs from 6 to 11pm, and there is also an after party starting at 10pm.

Rue Royale 250
1210 Brussels (metro Botanique)
Tel: +32 2 220 66 11

Images via Art’n BLOOM!

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