Foodie Fridays – Lebanese Love

I love Lebanese food. There is something so wonderful about sharing all those delicious mezze, salads, grilled meats and a big piece of flat bread with friends and family. My all-time favorite has to be a huge plate of really well made fattoush.  Before Brussels, I lived in Washington, DC and had access to good Lebanese restaurants and take-out joints (and even a friend’s mom’s cooking). Since moving, I’ve managed to find a few reliable places for either a sit-down meal or quick take-away.  

Mont Liban, located just off Avenue Louise, is both a formal restaurant on one side and caterer/take-out place on the other. I’ve had a few good meals in the restaurant part over the years. But be warned, a belly dancer appears on occasion towards the end of the evening. To the right of the restaurant you’ll find the take-out kitchen, with a few tables inside and outside (weather permitting) to enjoy a mezze plate or shawarma. The service is a bit slow, but the food is good, confirmed by the number of Lebanese patrons.

30 Rue de Livourne, 1000 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 537 71 31
Open Monday to Sunday, 12-3pm and 7am-11pm

The more contemporary O-Liban, near the corner of Chaussée de Vleurgrat and Chaussée de Waterloo, is the best in Brussels. My Lebanese friends recommended this place and it didn’t disappoint. Great food, huge selection of mezze, quick and friendly service, and reasonable prices – who could ask for more? Well, they also have a lovely selection of desserts and fresh fruit and are even open for breakfast. Everything is available for take away, eat in or catering service.

324 Chaussée de Vleurgat, 1050 Ixelles
Tel: +32 479 37 34 49
Open Tuesday to Saturday, 7am-11:30pm, Sunday and Monday, 7am-4pm

Al Jannah is a good little restaurant on Rue Blaes in the Marolles district. They have a pretty decent selection of mezze, or you can order the Al Jannah platter. Although the décor leaves much to be desired, the service is friendly and the place is usually pretty busy. It’s a good stop for lunch if you’re wandering the streets of the Marolles on a Sunday.

59 Rue Blaes, 1000 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 514 0844
Open Monday to Sunday, 12–10:30pm, closed Wednesday

Warning! I would avoid Chatelaine du Liban. Although it’s a convenient location just off Place Chatelain, the food isn’t great, it’s expensive and the interior decor is horrendous. The owners also have a carry out / pita shop across the street – the food is alright but the menu is limited and pricy for what you get.

Sahtain (bon appétit) everyone!

Images via Convivoo, O-Liban and Zone02.

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6 thoughts on “Foodie Fridays – Lebanese Love

  1. What about Orientalia on Ch de Charleroi?

    Two wonderful owners, the best aubergine / tomato ratatouille and a huge choice of vegetarian stuff, way more than Mon Liban.

  2. Alison says:

    Ooh you missed my favourite! It’s just a small lunch spot/take-away but the food is fresh and wonderful. It’s called Tasty Corner on the Chaussee de Louvain. just up from Place St. Josse. The owner is lovely and chatty and her mom makes the best hummus anywhere!

    • Jane says:

      Thanks Alison! It seems there are endless good choices for Lebanese in Brussels. We are truly spoiled 🙂 Anybody else have a recommendation??

  3. Yes, me! I love Paradis du Liban at Mérode. The owner is super friendly, the food fresh and there is a menu that is not expansive and allows you to taste almost everything the restaurant has to offer… Really my favourite Lebanese place!

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