All about the art

October has been jam-packed with art and fashion exhibitions, with some of the best happening this last weekend of the month.

Fellow Brussels blogger Alison wrote a great piece on The Accessible Art Fair taking place at the Conrad hotel, Friday evening through Sunday. She’s also participating in the show so check out her site for a preview of what she’ll be exhibiting and selling. Admission is free, and all the works are affordably priced.

Another event not worth missing is Modo Parcours. The 11th edition of this fashion exhibition will be held in Dansaert, St-Jacobs and Sablon areas of Brussels, showcasing more than 70 designers, both new and established talents.

This year’s theme is “statement”, which admittedly sounds a little corny, but should produce some interesting creations. Designers will show their work in either their own shop or are invited to exhibit in a private or unexpected place. Some of the designers are collaborating with graphic artists, sculpture artists, photographers, dancers and actors to create their displays.

The Parcours (trail) kicks off on Friday with performances, concerts and parties in the downtown area until 10pm, and continues until 6pm on Sunday. Deemed one of the most prestigious fashion events in the city, it’s a great way to check out some of the designer boutiques and meet the artists.

You can pick up a detailed map and event program for €5 at the trail starting point – The Rits Bar, 70 Rue A. Dansaert, 1000 Brussels.

Check out Shop in Brussels for a listing and map of all the shops in the Dansaert area.

Images via The Accessible Art Fair and Modo Brussels.

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