The Hoquets are ok

Have you ever eaten a Couque de Dinant? I’m not sure I want to try one, but I’m still lovin’ the song by the same name.

I came across the group Hoquets (pronounced “OK”) last week and have been listening to this song off their new debut Belgotrnoics ever since. You may have to be Belgian, or have lived here for as long as I have, to fully appreciate the quirky wonderfulness of these guys.

Hoquets is a Belgian/American/French trio from Brussels that make their own instruments out of wooden boxes, trash bins and other old materials. According to their website, their style is influenced by Congotronics, the electro-traditional music from Kinshasa, Congo, played on home-made instruments.

Their first song was based on a description of the Belgian government – “3 Regions 3 Communautes”. Other songs include “Brussels is the Capital”, “Stoemp” (they sing the recipe) and “Chaud Boulet” (they’ve invented a dance for this one).

You can see them for yourself at one of their next concerts in Brussels on 11 November at Bozar and on 8 December at Kultuurkaffee (VUB University).

I will definitely try to catch them live. The Hoquets are yet another reminder for me that many of the things that drive me crazy about this city/country – eccentric, ridiculous, weird – are also the things that can create such delightful music.

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One thought on “The Hoquets are ok

  1. Don’t ever try to eat a Couque de Dinant! You would break your teeth!

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