Monday Blues

Mondays are no fun, especially during the dark days of winter. I’m lucky if I see a glimpse of daylight at lunchtime these days. So if, like me, you’re suffering from seasonal affective disorder (yes, apparently this is a real thing), what about a Monday night pub quiz to brighten things up? Hey, even if you’re not that into trivia questions, it’s a good excuse to go for a beer at the start of the week.

I turned to a good friend of mine for some recommendations on the best places to go in Brussels. If there was such a thing as a pub quiz expert, she would be it. She’s been to many of the different ones around town and knows her trivia better than most. (She actually had her husband ask her Trivial Pursuit questions to pass the time while she was waiting to give birth in the hospital, so she is pretty serious about this stuff. :)) Here are her top picks.

Michael Collins – Monday at 8pm

Located on the corner of Avenue Louise and Rue Bailli, this is one of the better Irish pubs in Brussels. The space is a bit cramped during the quiz, but they have decent food and service. The winning team receives a dinner voucher for the pub.

The Old Oak – Monday at 8:30pm

This is a good choice if you work in the EU district, as it is just up Rue Franklin behind the Berlaymont building. They have an extensive menu, including hamburgers, Irish specialities and loads of other main dishes to choose from. It’s also more comfortable than Michael Collins but no prize is given out unfortunately.

De Valera’s – Monday at 8:30

Often extremely crowded for sporting events, De Valera’s is a Irish pub at Place Flagey. I would avoid eating dinner here if possible, as the food isn’t very good. Instead, pick up some pizza at Mamma Roma around the corner.

If you want to give my friend a run for her money, here are a few more places to practice your trivia knowledge during the week.

Churchill’s Pub – Monday at 8:30pm
The James Joyce – Tuesday at 8pm
Kitty O’Shea’s – Thursday at 8pm

And last, but absolutely not least, check out the Expats for UNICEF monthly pub quiz. The next one will be on Monday, 9 January at The Open (near Montgomery). See the group’s Facebook page for more details. They have great prizes and all the proceeds go to UNICEF Belgium.

Good luck!

Images via eBru, CityPlug and ShopinBrussels.

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3 thoughts on “Monday Blues

  1. […] quizzes at different locations around town, with all proceeds going to UNICEF. (Thanks to Jane for pointing this one out in her nice blog on Brussels) Also check-out our list of sustainability talks and conferences in […]

  2. I love quiz night! bobby and I go all the time 🙂

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