Kick Me

Well don’t actually kick me, but you might want to kick the table. Kicktable, a Brussels-based website launched last month, is an online community marketplace that helps people organize an experience (meal, lesson, discussion) to share their interest or passion “around a table” (hence the name) and invite others to join for a reasonable price.

The site is run by two guys – George and Mat – both social entrepreneurs who have already worked on other cool projects like Jojo and Fair Street. According to their manifesto , experiences are what make people happy, enrich our lives and bring us together, so “do what you like, share what you love”. Sounds pretty good to me.

So how does it work? There are 4 simple steps – submit an experience idea (subject to approval), sell the experience (via the site), host the experience and repeat. The host can earn money from the event (price minus any costs), but Kicktable will take a service charge off the top. Participants can sign up for anything they choose, as long as there are places left. Note! If you cancel a booking, you will not be reimbursed.

As Kicktable is just getting started, they have only held two events so far – a workshop on how to make artisanal bread and a session on social media for brand building. I’ve spotted a couple of upcoming events that could be interesting:

10 December – Learn French while cooking a famous Belgian recipe
18 December – Brunch and new music
19 January – Belgian beer tasting

I’m going to start thinking about an experience to host myself…. What would you suggest??

Images via Kicktable.

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One thought on “Kick Me

  1. Rachel D says:

    Now this is a great idea!

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