Foodie Fridays – Michelin Guide 2012

Michelin has recently released the 2012 Belgium/Luxembourg Guide, as well as the 2012 Benelux Bib Gourmand Guide. For a country of only 10 million people, Belgium has a huge number of Michelin star restaurants – 3 three stars, 15 two stars, and 89 one stars. I know Christmas isn’t meant to be about the gifts, but I can’t help adding one or more of these to the wish list. (So if a certain someone is reading this little blog, please take careful notes. :))

Restaurants awarded three stars in the Michelin guide are those that offer “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.” There are only about 100 in total worldwide, so the fact that Belgium has three goes a long way to prove how much this country loves food. I’ve been lucky enough to have dined in one of them – De Karmeliet in Bruges. This was an amazing experience, not least because this is where my husband proposed to me. The food and service were outstanding, but I have to admit I can’t remember much after about the fifth course, as this is when the ring appeared. I think blanking out for the cheese and dessert courses is reason enough to return some day.

De Karmeliet

The other two are Hof Van Cleve and Hertog Jan in Flanders, both ranked among the word’s best. Brussels misses out on having any three star establishments, but makes up in the other categories. There are 3 two star restaurants in Brussels, including Chalet de la Forêt, Sea Grill and Comme Chez Soi. I’ve had the chance to eat at Chalet de la Forêt a couple of times, which is an elegant restaurant on the edge of Forêt de Soignes in Uccle. I would highly recommend it for any special occasion – the setting is lovely and the food sophisticated, but not over the top.

Brussels has quite a few one star restaurants as well, including Jaloa (awarded its first star this year), Alexandre, Kamo, ‘t Stoveke, La Paix, Michel, Le Passage, Bon-Bon, Senza Nome, San Daniele, Terborght, La Truffe Noire and Bruneau. It’s also worth a look at the Bib Gourmand Guide, which lists 113 restaurants in Brussels (22 new) that offer a three course meal under €35. I just posted about one of them last week – Mamy Louise – and would also recommend Switch and La Manufacture.

Bon appétit!!

Images via Brussels Life and Top 100 Restaurants.

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10 thoughts on “Foodie Fridays – Michelin Guide 2012

  1. P.S. I should add that of course the 3 and 2 star places are crazy expensive and are for truly special occasions. One stars are a bit more affordable and the Bib Gourmand list is where you can find really good quality food for the price.

  2. Alison says:

    It’s my goal to try all of these at some point. We are really spoiled for choice here 🙂 We were luck enough to eat at Comme Chez Soi about 4 years ago, at one of the kutchen tables. What an experience! We’ve also been to Jaloa a few times and it’s one of our favourites. Their less expensive Brasserie is lovely too.

    If you want to eat at one of the starred restaurants at a more reasonable price, many of them are open for lunch and with a less expensive menu. You can also check some of them out during restaurant week.

  3. Ruth took me to Switch last year for my Birthday, it was yummy with great service, plus I love that Rue de Flandre neighborhood 🙂

  4. Aisli says:

    OMG that comme chez soi resto – dont get me going!!!. Went there a couple of summer 2011 for lunch as treat for hubby, cost 200€. Very poor food, service, presentation, the stingy wine lark etc.Please do stop saying that these places are great…….

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