I discovered a cool new store the other day while Christmas shopping at the Woluwe Shopping Center. YellowKorner, both a physical photography gallery and online store, offers high-quality art prints at pretty reasonable prices. I’ve ordered from online art galleries like, but it’s sometimes difficult to rely on a thumbnail image on my laptop screen to make a decision. What I like about this concept is that you can see some of the prints in the store before committing. The online selection is much bigger than what’s presented in the galleries, but at least you can see a sample and get an idea of the different formats.

Started by two photography lovers in France, YellowKorner’s mission is to bring great photography to everyone. Their prints range from €25 to € 1,200, and include everything from portraits of rock stars to black & white landscapes to conceptual images. Featured artists include some of the greats like Slim Aarons, Man Ray, Dorothea Lange and Bert Stern, as well as lesser known contemporary photographers. The collection has a bit of a French flavor to it, both in terms of artists and subjects.

Transitus #2 by Florian Muller

Artists have agreed to increase the number of prints from a selection of their works in order to offer affordable prices. The photographs are all gelatin silver prints, the same method used for art exhibitions. The images are available in various formats, each of which has a limited number of copies, and with different mounting options.

Towards Los Angeles by Dorothea Lange

The concept isn’t completely new to Belgium – YellowKorner opened a store in the Sablon back in 2008 – but it’s growing. The Woluwe location opened in September and a gallery just opened in Antwerp last month. There are also locations in Germany, Spain, Morocco and the US.

Dylan at Home by Elliott Landy

Now I just have to figure out which image I’m going to choose….

69 Rue Lebeau, 1000 Brussels (Le Sablon)
Tel: +32 2 540 85 76
Open Tuesday to Sunday, 11am-7pm

Woluwe Shopping Center
1 Rue Saint-Lambert, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert
Tel: +32 2 772 50 41
Open Monday to Saturday, 10am-7pm (Friday to 8pm)

Images via YellowKorner.

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3 thoughts on “YellowKorner

  1. julie says:

    I don’t recommend this shop (i don’t dare to call it an art gallery), I bought a huge photo there and in a few months the canvas broke. When buyig the photo i was told that i had a warranty. When i returned to the shop the seller said that i could exchange my photo, but after contacting her boss i heard that he had refused my exchange. I returned home with my broken photo which had cost me 1,200 euro…

  2. Wow, that’s horrible! Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience 😦

  3. Steve T says:

    I asked a couple of sales assistants in Yellow Korner, Westfield, London about the printing processes because I was unsure the processes advertised were correct. They are all called Silver Gelatin. Firstly the staff didn’t really know what a Silver gelatin print was and I had to explain it to them – it is the traditional method of using Silver gelatin/halide paper and chemical processes to achieve black and white prints. Even their colour prints are called Silver gelatin. It is not possible to have a full colour Silver gelatin print. I would imagine that they are actually c-type and digital c-type prints. There is a world of difference. Most museums now do not use either Silver gelatin or c-type prints, they use archival pigments which is essentially inkjet prints but using archival quality pigments rather than dyes and on archival paper, the prints can last 200 years without noticeable fading. Some people prefer c-type, some prefer pigment, but it concerns me that Yellow Korner can get their basic facts wrong, it is such an important part of buying a print. P.S. I have been in the photographic industry a long time, so have a reasonable knowledge in this field.

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