Sarah Carlier / Jazz Apres Shopping

While listening to the radio this past weekend I heard that the talented Brussels-born singer/songwriter – Sarah Carlier – is currently performing at the Jazz Après Shopping series at L’Archiduc (free concerts at 5pm every Saturday). If you haven’t heard her already, it’s definitely worth stopping by the legendary bar after hitting the sales this month. Two shows left – 21 January and 28 January.

Sarah’s debut album “For Those Who Believe”, released about 6 months ago, includes a couple of great singles “Backstage” and “Tenderness”, both a sweet blend of folk, soul and a little bit of pop.

Raised by her artist parents (Belgo-Congolese father and Tchadian mother), she received her first guitar at age 16 and starting composing songs soon after. Sarah posted a couple of songs online three years ago via the site Akamusic, an online community that offers artists the chance to produce an album through internet producers. She managed to get around 600 investors to support her first recordings and was able to release a full album in 2011.

The single “Backstage” has gotten a lot of attention across Belgium, playing on both French and Flemish radio stations. Just 21 years old, Sarah has already headlined at Botanique and other venues in Brussels, and is next off to France for a concert series. I’m hoping she can make it global soon!

Sarah’s album is available on iTunes.

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