Foodie Fridays – Gaudron

I remember asking where to have Sunday brunch when I first arrived in Brussels about 10 years ago. The answer – no where. Things have really changed and thankfully there are a growing number of restaurants open on Sunday and serving brunch on the weekends. 

We all have our local favorites but one of the best has to be Gaudron.

Located on Place Brugman in a quite residential area, the trendy Gaurdon is both a deli and restaurant. This place is known for its brunch/lunch offering, which in my opinion, never disappoints.

Gaudron has been open for a few years but just recently got a face-lift. I have to say I slightly preferred the old interior but the deli counter and other food items for sale are still beautifully presented. Besides stopping for a meal, you can pick up all sorts of pasta, wine, jams, pastries and choose from a whole slew of prepared dishes.

If you’re eating in, my top three picks on the menu are eggs Benedict, the club sandwich (made in the American style, not the Belgian kind on a baguette) along with the soup of the day, and the Gaudron plate. The ‘plate’ is a great way to go if you’re hungry or just can’t make up your mind. After ordering at the table, you head up to the deli counter to pick out 4 cold salads and one meat item for your plate. The portions are fairly generous and you get the chance to sample a few different things.

It’s a bit on the pricy side – expect to pay at least €20 per person for lunch – but a nice treat when you’re not in the mood to cook after rolling out of bed on a Sunday (that would be me most weekends). Note: The crowd is rather on the posh side so I wouldn’t turn up in my sweats. 🙂

They also have a huge terrace that’s open all year round. In typical Belgian style you can find people outside under the heaters even in the colder months. Gaudron can get crowded, especially on a warm day, so I recommend arriving before noon or be prepared to wait for a table. The service is good, a bit slow (as anywhere else) but usually pretty friendly.

Gaudron’s slogan is “good food, good mood”. I couldn’t agree more!

Wishing you all a good weekend and happy brunching 🙂

3 Place G. Brugman, 1050 Ixelles
Tel: +32 2 343 97 90
Open Monday to Sunday, 7am-8pm

Images via City Plug, Tomate Cerise and La dinette des grandes.

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8 thoughts on “Foodie Fridays – Gaudron

  1. Emily says:

    Great post, thanks Jane! I really do love me some brunch. This post though, along with your previous one about burgers, got me thinking – it’s true that even in the last few years the restaurant scene in Brussels has been changing to include things a bit more international. Do you ever wonder if Brussels is sort of losing its specific Bxl flair? Or in danger of losing its charm from being slightly removed from the Americanization of the world? Especially because now we have Starbucks and Urban Outfitters! I mean, I’m not going to lie, the American in me is a bit happy to have certain nods to home, but I sort of wonder what this means in the future for the feel of Brussels, you know? Deep thoughts on a Friday morning, I know. Sorry! haha.

  2. Alison says:

    Andrew is always on a mission to find burgers and brunch so this is a great one for us to check out!

    To Emily’s point above, I think (I hope) Brussels will never lose its Brussels-ness. Historically the city (and indeed Belgium in general) has taken on the better aspects of cuisine from the other cultures who have colonised (invaded) here. I think that’s what makes Belgian food so exciting. They have their traditional dishes but they aren’t afraid to break out and try something new either.

  3. Amy Carter says:

    Hi Jane – Rich and I were always looking for brunch options and we had a good list in the end of places to go. We tried this place one Sunday and it has lovely things, especially the cakes…but I’m afraid we found the service was terrible. They totally forgot our order and only two out of the four things made it to our table. Hopefully it has improved as it is a great location for a brunch. Enjoying your posts! xx

  4. The husband says:

    While burgers, brunch and other international norms are becoming more common, the difference remains a pretty consistent focus on quality ingredients and “slow” versus “fast” food (even when its a lowly burger). Brussels will (I believe) remain a bastion of quality. Its in its DNA.

  5. emily says:

    I completely agree with you Alison and ‘husband.’ Quality really is in its DNA, it’s just startling sometimes when you step back and think how quickly the city can change. I definitely don’t think the changes have been for the negative, but I just sort of wonder how the city’s inevitable changes will affect the character of the city. I have enough faith in Brussels and the Bruxellois to keep the city’s distinctly different character, but I was just speculating.

  6. Wow! Thanks everyone for the comments. These Foodie Friday posts sure do get everyone talking!

    @Emily – very deep thoughts for a Friday 😉 Agree, there seem to be more American/global style places popping up in Brussels, but I think it will retain its uniqueness. This city still has tons of quirky, funky bars, shops, etc which are different from anywhere else. It seems to be the Ixelles/expat bubble that is changing the most…

    @Alison – yes, Belgium is a great mix of food from other places. And it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of American-type resturants for those of us far from home.

    @ (my) husband – totally agree quality is key

    @Amy – first of all hi there! miss you guys! sorry to hear you had such bad service. I’ve fortunately never experienced anything quite that bad, but do think they can be a bit slow. Guess I’ve lived here too long and am used to it now 🙂

  7. P.S. Gaudron just updated their website so you can check out the menus online

  8. Vanessa says:

    Went to this restaurant recently during my trip to Brussels. The food was amazing. I had the Eggs Benedict and the raspberry tart was simply delish. I’m usually not a big fan of tarts in general, but this one surprised me.
    Unfortunately, I have to agree that the service of the place is bad. The waiters did not even acknowledge us eventhough we have been seated for the past 15 minutes. They still did not even give us a menu. I would say the waiters were quite rude, but the waitresses were pretty charming, always with a smile on their faces.
    The time taken for the food to arrive was incredibly slow as well!

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