For a small country, Belgium has a pretty vibrant music scene. We expats and foreigners know of some of the more famous Belgian artists that have made it big internationally like Hooverphonic, Axelle Red and Selah Sue. And who could forget Technotronic and “Pump up the Jam” from the 90s?! Unfortunately though we aren’t always plugged in to some of the up-and-coming singers and bands from Belgium.

Well we’re in luck! The Performing Arts Federation Wallonia-Brussels is putting on ProPulse this week – a festival showcasing locally grown artists, musicians and bands with agents, managers and others from the professional art community.

The festival includes four days of public performances at Botanique, starting today and running through Saturday evening. These evening concerts cover the gamut of musical styles, including rock, electronic, jazz, pop and world. Tickets are only €7 (available online).

I was listening to the festival’s webradio and here’s some of what I am liking… 

Concert schedule:

Wednesday 1 Feb: Gaëtan Streel, Fastlane Candies, Kiss & Drive, Taïfun, Pale Grey

Thursday 2 Feb: Hard rock evening iwth The K., Exuviated, The Link, Driving Dead Girl

Friday 3 Feb: Noa Moon, Applause, V.O., Kupid Kids, Crazy Lady Madrid

Saturday 4 Feb: Daytime urban music concert with Maëlan, DYnamic, Veence Hanao, Kaer, Scylla, Uman; Electro evening concert with Antilux, Concert Debout, Ssaliva, Compuphonic, Squeaky Lobster, Glÿph

236 Rue Royale, 1210 Saint-Josse
Tel: +32 2 218 3732

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