Be My Valentine

I’m not really one to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I tend to believe this holiday was created for the benefit of companies like Hallmark and Godiva and to force us to spend way too much on a dinner out. However I know there are some who take this day more seriously. So whether you’re pro or anti Valentine’s, here are a few ideas on celebrating the ‘holiday’ in Brussels.

Catering company La Britannique is hosting a Sans Valentine dinner on 14 February in their kitchen. This sounds like a great idea if you want to avoid horribly overpriced restaurants with nothing but couples on awkward dates. Similar to their Sunday brunches, the dinner will be served around one big table and you pay what you think the dinner is worth. The menu is a surprise 4 course meal. I went for brunch a couple of weeks ago with my friend Jessica (see her post here) and the food was wonderful, so I’m sure this will be no different. Spaces are limited so you’ll have to be quick to reserve a seat.

If you’re feeling a little more romantic, why not stay in and cook a meal with your sweetheart? Elle Belgique has a lovely three-course menu to make at home. And here are a few ideas for a movie to watch afterwards. Hmmm….I wonder if I can convince someone to cook this for me on Tuesday. I’m not sure he’ll have enough time to practice his French and cooking skills by then.

If you need a little help to get into the mood, get out your camera. The design company MGX Spread the Love contest is giving away prizes to the best photo of a kiss. Simply send in your picture by 10 February for a chance to win a necklace or lamp. The selected photos will be exhibited in the MGX Flagship Store in Brussels as part of our special Valentine’s display. The Word Magazine is also running a ‘love’ photography gallery on its website on 13 February. Just send in a photo that best represents love (in any form) for consideration. Deadline today.

For an alternative way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, go see the Love Bug Parade at the Autoworld Museum this Sunday, 12 February. A selection of VW Beatles will be on display from 1-2pm before they head out for a rally tour around Brussels. The Bugs will then be back around 4pm for another showing, along with a chocolate tasting.

And if you must buy chocolates for someone, please get the good stuff. We live in the world mecca of chocolate, so there’s no excuse. However I must admit I received a huge box of Marcolinis one year from the husband (then boyfriend) and would have been happy with a simple Côte d’Or bar. Hey, to each their own 🙂

Images via Conde Nast and The Word Magazine.

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