Foodie Fridays – La Cuisine

One of the reasons I like Brussels so much is the endless options for eating out. What better place to live if you have a strong dislike of cooking like me? Most foodies seem to love spending hours in the kitchen whipping up new creations. I love eating, but, except for the rare holiday meal, I’d rather just spend my time in someone else’s kitchen.

Enter the Brussels restaurant La Cuisine (The Kitchen). Ok, so you don’t actually eat in the kitchen, but the friendly, relaxed atmosphere at this place makes you feel right at home.

La Cuisine is located between Place Flagey and Avenue Louise, just up the street from Les Super Filles du Tram and Quartier Libre. Like one of my other favourites, La Canne en Ville, La Cuisine is also housed in an old butcher shop, with the original wall tiles and meat hooks still intact.

The menu is limited – just what is written on the big blackboard for the day. My go-to favourite, and the house speciality, is the Argentine steak. Not your typical slab of beef on a plate, this is seared lightly and served in stripes on a bed of roquette, with mild Asian-inspired seasoning (soya, sesame and ginger) – unique and delicious! There are usually 3-4 starters and main dishes to choose from, including some standard Belgo-French ones and good desserts.

On warmer days, you can sit out front on one of the high bar-style tables or in the small rear courtyard. The service is friendly, albeit not always the speediest and the wait staff will take the time to explain the menu of the day. Expect to pay minimum €30 per person. And be sure to bring cash as they don’t accept credit cards.

I’ve enjoyed many a good evening at La Cuisine, from intimate dinners to larger group gatherings. Hope you can as well!

85 Rue Lesbroussart, 1050 Ixelles
Tel: +32 2 644 29 21
Open Monday-Tuesday (lunch only), Wednesday-Saturday (closed Saturday lunch)  

Images via Shop in Brussels and Zone02.

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