Roller Madness

Continuing the 70s disco theme from yesterday, it’s time for a little roller boogie tonight at Beursschouwburg with Roller Madness.

The Beursschouwburg (Le Théâtre de la Bourse in French) is an art and cultural center located across from the Bourse. Originally built in 1885 as a hall and bar, it was converted into a theatre in 1947 and again renovated in 2004. It now houses all sorts of events, exhibitions and parties.

As of 9pm tonight (29 February), the Red Hall at Beursschouwburg will be transformed into a roller skating rink a la 1979. You can rent skates (limited number so come early) and take part in a roller workshop, accompanied by disco and soul music from DJ Sensu. Even if you don’t want to try skating, just come along for the atmosphere and get your boogie on!

20-28 Rue Auguste Orts, 1000 Brussels
Tel: 02 550 03 50

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4 thoughts on “Roller Madness

  1. Looks very cool – I will have to check Brussels out some day.

    I’ve not been there, but I have just finished reading my Belgian book for A Year of Reading the World ( – it was surprisingly hard to find translations of Belgian writers, but I went for Francois Emmanuel in the end.

  2. Jeff Cima says:

    Thanks for finding these events! I’ve lived here in Brussels a while, and still it’s hard to catch all that’s happening any given week.

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