Offscreen Film Festival

The Oscars this year showed us the appeal of off-beat movies, crowning The Artist with the best picture award. However, most film choices in the cinema today are fairly mainstream and commercial. Leave it to Brussels to offer up something quirky and alternative.

Today kicks off the 5th Offscreen Film Festival, the annual showcase of bizarre and cult cinema, as well as new and independent directors from around the world. The festival runs from 7 to 25 March, with films playing at various locations around Brussels, including Cinema Nova, Cinematek and Bozar.

This year’s event will feature several unreleased and rare films, short films and documentaries, and pay homage to few great directors of alternative and horror films. The film selection focuses around two key themes – Offscreenings (selection of unreleased or new unconventional and non-conformist films) and Home Sweet Home (classic haunted house and home invasion movies). The festival will also highlight experimental filmmakers like Suzan Pitt, Ruggero Deodato and Umberto Lenzi and host two film-related music concerts at Bozar and Beursschouwburg.

Film tickets range from €3 (Cinematek) to €5 (Cinema Nova) to €9 (Bozar), which you can purchase online. If you’re really into this genre, you can see two films for €7.50 or six films for €21 at Cinema Nova. And for anyone coming from out-of-town, the festival is running a special deal – two tickets (Cinema Nova or Cinematek) and a hotel stay for two at the NH Grand Place starting at €110. 

Looking at the program, I’ve noticed two oldies, but goodies worth watching.

Beetlejuice – somehow this scene reminds me of a waiting room in a Brussels commune…

and The Shining – for some reason I first watched this alone at the age of 13, very scary

I might just have to sign up to see one of these as it has been a few years, but I’ll be sure to watch The Shining with someone else this time. 🙂

Images via Off Screen.

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