Foodie Fridays – Brusselicious

This is the year of food (at least in Brussels). Kicked off in January, the year-long food festival Brusselicious is popping up all over town with all sorts of events and foodie celebrations. Whether you’re a local or visitor, 2012 offers some unique ways to enjoy all things gastronomic in Brussels. Here are some interesting events happening in the next couple of months.

One of the highlights, the Tram Experience, started last month and will continue throughout the year on both weekdays and weekend evenings. During a two-hour ride on a modern, kitted-out tram, you can enjoy a Belgian meal prepared by top chefs for €75 per person. Some fellow bloggers in Brussels have already had the chance to check this out – see here and here for their reviews. Apparently they’ve figured out a way to keep the drinks and food from spilling as the tram rumbles through town. 


We all know Belgium is the place for beer, but apparently the locals make wine as well. Brusselicious is hosting two events dedicated to Belgian wine making – first the Belgian Winemakers Dinner on 14 April and then a whole week devoted to Belgian wine at the end of May. Lionel Rigolet, from Comme Chez Soi, will prepare the dinner, which will take place at the Tram Museum in Brussels, along with a wine tasting (price €85 per person). The Brussels Wine Week will include seminars, tasting sessions and wine cellar tours (more details closer to the date).

Dinner in the Sky will probably me the most extreme and talked-about event of the year. Over four weeks in June, dinners can enjoy a Michelin-star meal around a table suspended in the sky overlooking some of Brussels best sites (Atomium, Royal Palace, Cinquantenaire, Bois de la Cambre). Not for the faint of heart, this should be a breathtaking way to have dinner prepared by one of Brussels famous chefs, including those from Sea Grill, Chalet de la Foret and La Truffe Noire. I’m not sure if I could relax enough while strapped to my seat dangling above Cinquantenaire, but if you’re up for something different be sure to book early. Tickers are expected to be around €150 per person.

There will be much more to come from Brusselicious later in the year so stay tuned…

Images via Visit Brussels, Rob Gourmet Market and Dinner in the Sky.

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3 thoughts on “Foodie Fridays – Brusselicious

  1. I was just in Brussels a little over a year ago! It was toward the end of February 2011 to be exact. I was studying abroad and exploring around all that I could find of Brussels. While reading this blog all I could think about was the chocolates I had tried. I wish this food festival was going on a year ago. But then I wonder, would I have even known about it? Traveling takes serious research, so events like this need good advertisement and PR to actually reach all the different types of audiences. Regardless, I really enjoyed this blog. It is always fun and educational to learn new things going on in different countries. Thank you for posting about this!

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