Foodie Fridays – Ice cream

Nothing makes me think that warmer days are around the corner more than the sound of an ice cream truck. I heard the first one of the season in our neighborhood last weekend and knew that spring had officially begun. That sound always makes me think of carefree summer days as a kid, and what better way to feel that way again than having a scoop or two of ice cream.

In Brussels thankfully you don’t have to rely on a truck as there is no shortage of places that serve up good ice cream. Here are my picks for the best spots in Brussels to enjoy a cone or a cup.

Two of the best spots I’ve found are in Uccle. Il Gelato and Zizi happen to be on the same street and both serve delicious, artisanal creamy gelato. Zizi has been around since 1948 and has great ice cream, but I think the newer Il Gelato just beats them on taste and creaminess factor. Il Gelato has three other locations (all in shopping centers) but I’d stick with the original. Boy the folks in Uccle have it made!  

Next on the list is the ever popular Capoue. With eight locations around Brussels, there is sure to be one close to home. They have a huge selection of flavors, but my favorites have to be speculoos and pistachio. They also make great ice cream cakes if you’re looking for an easy way to serve dessert.

Framboisier Dore on Rue du Bailli is also has good ice cream and is a great place to stop on a warm day while out shopping in the area.

Rounding out the list is a new kid on the block. Freezy Yog, which serves frozen yogurt on Rue Marché aux Herbes near the Grand Place, is a good alternative to richer ice cream. The shop is a lot like ones I’ve seen recently in the US, where you can pick a flavour of yogurt and top it with all sorts of things like fruit, nuts and cookies. Ok this sort of cancels out the fat-free aspect of the yogurt, but who can resist a little Oreo on top? 🙂

I’ve also heard a rumor that the American ice cream kings Ben & Jerry will hand out free cones on 3 April in cities across Belgium. I’m not sure exactly where in Brussels but I’ll be sure to let you know if I find out! 

Belgians clearly love their ice cream and lucky for everyone there is no shortage of great shops in Brussels. These are my top picks but be sure to leave your suggestions in a comment below. Hey, as the saying goes…I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Images via Luxury Food, City Plug, Capoue, Yelp and Enfants Bienvenus.

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