Bruxelles Ma Belle

I’m in love with a new website launched this week – Bruxelles Ma Belle.

The concept is brilliant – combine a mutual love of music and Brussels through filming up-and-coming artists around the city. Emmanuel, a Frenchman who’s adopted Brussels as his home, started the project in February 2010. Formerly a drummer, Emmanuel has turned a passion for music and discovering new artists, along with a fondness for Brussels, into a series of great acoustic recordings. Over the course of two years, he’s filmed over twenty musicians in as many places in Brussels. They’re now all available on the site, viewable by artist or location.

The collection of recordings includes musicians from Belgium, France, US, Mali, etc, and many genres such as rock, folk, pop, rap and jazz. Each page lists the musician’s latest album information and upcoming concerts. There’s also a short description of the locations, along with a bit of history and access details. I spent a good couple of hours browsing through the listings and here are some of my favorites (so far). 🙂

I particularly liked the “museum sessions” and “church sessions”, with one of my favorite Belgian bands Puggy playing in the elevator of the Musical Instrument Museum.  

There’s lots of footage from past Nuits Botanique festivals, including the American ensemble Clare and the Reasons, who have a new album coming out this summer.

One of the best is Quebecois group Misteur Valaire playing their unique electro-jazz-rap style out of their van at the Parvis de Saint-Gilles.

During the next two months, the site will mainly post artists taking part in the 2012 Nuits Botanique festival,  including Camille, NADEAH, Mina Tindle, Fool’s Gold, Dionysos and Chris Garneau. The plan is to post one new video per week.

If you’re like me and always looking for new music and great spots in Brussels, this is definitely a website to visit often. Thanks Emmanuel for the great idea and sharing the best of Brussels!

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