Weekend Blog Awards – Need your vote!

While away this weekend I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that Best of Brussels was selected as a finalist for the first ever Blog Awards from Belgian magazine Le Vif Weekend!

There are 10 categories for the awards, and I’ve been selected as the only English language blog in the blogs de ville (city) category in the French-language list. There is also a Flemish finalist list to check out here.

If you have two minutes, I’d greatly appreciate your vote!

Just hop on over to the Weekend website – you’ll have to vote for each category for your submission to count. This is a great way to discover loads of other great Belgian blogs, but if you don’t have time to peruse them all (or don’t read French and still want to vote :)), here’s my list of top choices in each category to speed things along. Voting is open until Sunday 29 April.

Mode (Fashion) – Fashion by Yeba (#3)
Beauté (Beauty) – Orphea (#1)
Déco design (Decor design) – 13zor (#2)
Personnel (Personal) – Belgian Waffling (#9)
Voyages (Travel) – Enfants Bienvenus (#3)
Fotographie (Photography) – Dreams are picturing the world (#1)
Gastronomie (Food) – La dinette des grandes (#8) and Tasting & Living (Flemish version)
Loisirs (Culture) – Tom Vea (#4)
Divers (Various) – (In)significant (#6)

Thanks so much in advance for taking the time to vote! And a huge thanks to all you readers out there – this blog wouldn’t be anywhere without you!

P.S. and a very special thank you to the person out there who nominated Best of Brussels for the award!

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