Street Art

Brussels has a thriving art scene, but it’s not only found in galleries and museums. There’s actually tons of art to discover in the city itself, often hidden in interesting and unexpected places. I’m not talking about graffiti, which can be damaging and unattractive, but street art in the form of wall paintings, sculpture and other creative expressions formed in city environments. Some of it is obvious, like the well-know painting of Tintin and other comic book characters, but there are also many more works to find in Brussels, often a bit hidden or found in unusual places.  

If you’re interested in hunting down some of these pieces, the website Street Art Belgium is a great place to start.

This is a site completely dedicated to urban art around Belgium, with loads of ‘sightings’ from Brussels. You can look up work by artist or location, and there’s also a handy map to help you track down various works in the city. Recent postings on Brussels include the Street Invader tile mosaics, Gregory Decock’s road signs and Bonom’s high-reaching drawings.

I also love the work by Jef Arosol and Isaac Cordal, both who have been highlighted on Flavorwire recently. The site provides good bios on each artist like these, along with links to exhibitions and other information.  

With the motto ‘Making Belgium beautiful once piece at a time’, Street Art Belgium encourages readers to send in pictures of newly discovered pieces and also organizes art events from time to time. These guys are also up for a Weekend Blog Award (on the Flemish language list) and are definitely worth a vote.

So next time you’re walking around Brussels be sure to keep your eyes open for some of the city’s many examples of good street art. You never know where it can pop up!

Images via Street Art Belgium.

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3 thoughts on “Street Art

  1. Dan says:

    pretty cool, one of my favorite parts about visiting brussels was the art that is everywhere in the city, and not just in the museums!

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