Fête de la Musique

Prêt pour faire la fête? Well I hope so, as today kicks off the Fête de la Musique, the French-speaking community annual music festival. For this 28th edition, the festival is featuring free concerts and events around Brussels all weekend long.

The Fête de la Musique was created back in 1982 by the French Minister for Culture at the time to promote music (and of course the French language). Held every year around the summer solstice, it has grown to include hundreds of free concerts in Brussels and Wallonia and is attended by over one million people. The music genres range from pop to jazz to chanson française and everything in between. Although the concerts aren’t limited to French-language acts, the festival tries to highlight local Belgian artists.

Looking through the festival’s schedule a few events caught my eye. Tonight the Belgian National Orchestra is playing at the Bozar and there is a Radio Modern party at La Tentation with swing music and dance classes starting at 8pm. If you happen to be on the metro today, get off at the Bourse for some live shows underground between 4 and 8pm. To test your French skills, check out the chanson française-style concert at Maison des Musiques on Friday evening. And on Sunday head to the Parvis de Saint-Gilles for a pop/rock concert with some good Belgian groups like V.O. and Kiss and Drive.

The highlight in Brussels is the evening concert and party on Saturday on the Place des Palais featuring some great acts, including Great Mountain Fire who also took part in Les Nuits at Botanique. Things will kick off around 5pm and go late.

It’s hard to know if the weather will cooperate but this should be a great way to officially start summer and the festival season!

Image via Fête de la Musique.

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