Foodie Fridays – Urban BBQ

Nothing says summer more than a BBQ with friends. Gathering on a small Brussels terrace and eating more grilled meat than necessary is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hamburger or BBQ ribs off the old Weber, but I’m always intrigued when I can find a way for someone else to do the cooking (and cleaning up!).

Just my luck the 6th annual Brussels Urban BBQ is taking place not too far from home at the Parc de la Woluwe this Sunday. The organizers will set up several large tables (behind the Woluwe Park Tennis Club) for everyone to gather around family-style between 12 and 4pm. But this is no ordinary BBQ. For only €10 you’ll have the chance to sample a range of tapas prepared by well-know local chefs, including Yves Mattagne (Sea Grill), Gaetan Colin (Jaloa) and Vincenzo Regine. Yves and Gaetan both have Michelin stars to their names, so I’m guessing the fare will be pretty top-notch. Note – you can make a reservation for large groups (15+) in advance.

If you still want to give it a go yourself at home, the three chefs have provided recipes on the Urban BBQ website to help you get started. The Bulletin is also serving up some good advice online on all things BBQ this week, including some recipes and tips on buying a grill. Just be careful not to burn down your house. 🙂

Happy eating this weekend!

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