Foodie Fridays – Lunch Beat

What do you usually do for lunch? Maybe a sandwich at your desk (how many crumbs are in that keyboard anyway?) or a quick bite with colleagues. Well yesterday I went for something a bit different – Lunch Beat.

What started in Sweden a couple of years ago as an alternative way to spend a lunch hour has spread around the world and finally made it’s way to Brussels. Lunch Beat is basically a lunch time party for people who want to escape from their cubicles for an hour and let loose. Everyone who joins receives a sandwich, drink and some great dance music to enjoy.

The founders of the “movement” have outlined a manifesto with 10 rules for hosting a Lunch Beat session, two of which mandate that participants must dance and another that bans people from talking about their jobs (love it!). The hope is that people enjoy their lunch hour to the fullest and return to work inspired and creative for the rest of the day.

Yesterday’s session was held at Botanique and proved pretty popular for a first time in Brussels. The husband rather reluctantly joined me and when we turned up at 12:05, the dance floor was already full with people of all ages. For a cost of €12.50, they served sandwiches from Exki and offered a selection of Carpe Diem drinks, and some excellent music courtesy of DJs Laston & Geo. There were even goodie bags full of product samples handed out at the end. We had a great time, although my brilliant dance skills weren’t enough to entice the husband out onto the dance floor. 🙂

Several cities in Europe and elsewhere have organized Lunch Beat sessions, including Hamburg, Seattle, Porto, Budapest and Antwerp earlier this year. The concept has gained huge amounts of media attention (even Oprah took notice!) so hopefully it will continue to grow. Here’s a list of upcoming events in various locations.  

I had a quick chat with one of the organizers who said they hope to find additional locations to host lunch parties in Brussels, so be sure to follow them on Facebook or Twitter to hear what’s next on the schedule. I really hope this takes off as it has in Sweden. It was such a great way to get out of the office and just have fun for an hour in the middle of the day.

Where would you like to see Lunch Beat hold its next event in Brussels? Leave your suggestion via a comment and I’ll be sure to pass it on!

Images via Lunch Beat Belgium.

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4 thoughts on “Foodie Fridays – Lunch Beat

  1. AWESOME idea… not sure if I would want to go back to my desk afterwards….. 😉

  2. SJ Mitchell says:

    AutoWorld or just the Cinquantenaire Park anywhere?

  3. sandra says:

    Stunning idea!! I’m iiiin next time!!! Yes, Autoworld or Parc du CInquantenaire woudl be a perfect place to do it next time!

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