Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Best of Brussels! This little blog turns one year old today, still in its infancy but going strong. It makes me almost as happy as I was on birthdays way back when…

For someone who never liked writing much, I’ve surprised myself by how blogging has become such a big part of my life. I can’t imagine not doing this every week, ‘researching’ on the weekends and spending early mornings writing about the best of this city in my PJs. This blog has had a huge impact on my life – I’ve met new friends, enjoyed unique experiences and hopefully soon will start a new little side project. But best of all, it’s helped me fall in love with Brussels even more.

Thanks so much to all of you out there who visit the blog regularly and the encouraging comments over the past year. I love sharing my favorite things about Brussels, but want to hear from you as well! Please keep sending me your questions and recommendations on the best of Brussels – leave a comment, drop me an email (athomeinbrussels@gmail.com) or join me on Facebook and Twitter.

P.S. And what more could a girl ask for on a birthday? Some of my top picks for restaurants and food shops in Brussels are featured in this month’s Ryanair inflight magazine Let’s Go! Earlier this summer I met up with journalist Peter for The Brussels Blogger Guide to Food and Drink, which is now circulating in Ryanair seat pockets and online. Thanks so much for including me and spending an evening eating way more than we should have!

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6 thoughts on “Happy birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday and of course – well done on the Ryanair spread!!!

  2. aysegul says:

    Happy birthday!! It is good to read your blog everyday!

  3. JoAnn Goodyear says:

    Crazy fun! Nice article in magazine!

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