Car Free Sunday

This Sunday, remember to leave your car at home!

Car Free Sunday has become an annual tradition in Brussels and is a great day to get out and discover the city. The weather gods are usually kind and it looks like we are set again to have a beautiful autumn day. The idea of not being able to drive anywhere for a full day might seem like a pain, but this is actually one of my favorite days of the year. Car traffic is not allowed in the Brussels region between 9am and 7pm, so it’s a perfect excuse to go for a walk, rent a bike from one of the many Villo! stations or enjoy free public transport to get around town.

Neighborhoods across the city will organize a wide range of activities and cultural events. One of the main events is the Bruxelles Champêtre in front of the Royal Palace, where the Place des Palais will be turned into a mini countryside oasis, including 4000 m² of grass, farm animals, thematic villages and sustainable food from Belgium.

If you want to avoid the crowds, there are a number of smaller events taking place around Brussels (see the full list of the activities online). Place du Châtelain will host a flea market and all of the area’s shops will be open for the day, along with children’s activities and food for sale. Or check out the Race to Clean Air alternative vehicle race and party near Place St Catherine. And of course don’t miss the Pineau race at Parc du Cinquantenaire where waiters will run 2.5km carrying a bottle and glasses of the French aperitif without trying to spill a drop!

The weekend will also celebrate Heritage Days in Brussels during which a number of unique buildings and historical sites will be open to the public. Sunday will be the last day of the Festival Kanal as well, which is offering free activities around the Brussels canal (area between Sainctelette Square and the Anderlecht Abattoirs) such as boat rides and a tour of art installations.

It should be a great weekend to enjoy Brussels. Let’s hope the weatherman is right!

Images via and Bruxelles Champêtre.

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One thought on “Car Free Sunday

  1. amiciarai says:

    Every single country in the world should have a day in the year like this!

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