Pencil Run

Running isn’t really my thing. I’ll go for a jog from time to time, but the idea of a marathon seems a bit nuts to me. However, I’ve heard about an interesting event that uses running to discover Brussels from a different perspective.

On Sunday 14 October, runners of all abilities can join the first ever Pencil Run, a guided running tour through Brussels following the 77 pencils drawn on Brussels walls, gates, doors and bridges. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the city is full of street art (see previous post), and someone has found a creative way to use these markers (pencil drawings specifically) to organize a group run around town.

The run is meant to be a relaxed sightseeing tour so participants don’t have to worry about speed. It starts at 1pm at Place St-Boniface and will finish around 6pm at Botanique. The total distance is 42km (a marathon), but you can join or leave the group whenever you like at any of the meeting points on the route (see list on website).

The route will go through Ixelles, around the VUB, through the Bois de la Cambre, then on to Saint Gilles and Forest, into the center and along the canal before ending at Botanique. You can see the route map here.

There is no cost to join but then there isn’t any formal organization provided either, so you’ll have to bring your own water. To join, just show up on the day or register in advance on the event’s Facebook page or by sending an email to bastiendz at gmail dot com. If you’re not much of a runner, you can also join by bike.

In case you’re not participating in the Brussels Marathon this Sunday, this could be a fun and alternative way to go for a run and see Brussels at the same time. This is a one off event however, so check out the Brussels Sight Jogging group for more guided running tours.

Good luck to all of you who join!

Images via Pencil Run.

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