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I wrote a post about a year ago about some of the fitness centers that I’ve tried around Brussels. I needed a little motivation back then to get exercising and the time has come again for me to kick my own rear end into gear. I’ve done the gym thing (a few times) so was interested to learn about an alternative way to get moving – Brussels Bootcamp.

Now the idea of bootcamp sounds rather intimidating, especially if you’ve heard anything about what real military bootcamp is like. Yikes! But this is a slightly easier version, with programs for varying fitness levels and styles in different locations around Brussels. The signature program Powerhouse Bootcamp is a nutrition and fitness combo that runs for 6 weeks for €250, which includes before and after assessments as well as various checkpoints along the way. This program is also offered in an early morning “extreme” version. Hmmm, not so sure about that 🙂

If the full-on class isn’t for you, Brussels Bootcamp also has supplemental programs like a running clinic (€180 for 6 weeks) and power yoga (€180 for 6 weeks). There is even a kids fitness session on the weekends with activities like treasure hunts, bike rides, races and relays, self-defense, stretching and healthy eating tips (€150 for 12 weeks).

The Powerhouse Bootcamp is held daily at Parc de Tervuren, Parc du Cinquantenaire, Bois de la Cambre and the American Women’s Club of Brussels in Waterloo. Check the website for the all the times and schedules for other classes. Generally people sign up for the full 6 weeks, but you can also join part way through for a discounted price. According to the bootcamp organizers, doing the program for 6 weeks is a good amount of time to set goals and measure changes in fitness and health levels.

The last 6-week session started on 10 September so this week should start the next 6 weeks, a good time to sign up! You need to bring few things with you, such as a mat, weights and water, but I’m sure the drill instructor yelling and motivation are all included in the price. I’m trying to convince myself that the colder weather these days is not a good enough excuse for not joining now…I hope I can win the will power battle.

Have any of you joined Brussels Bootcamp? Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

Images via Brussels Bootcamp.

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8 thoughts on “Brussels Bootcamp

  1. sounds super interesting… but think i will wait for warmer days before I sign up….

  2. Gina says:

    This is so ridiculously overpriced for exercising outdoors!!! I think bootcamps are a great idea but wish someone would take note from UK and offer well priced well organised pay per class sessions!

  3. davewallace1000 says:

    Well if nothing else the price should help keep you motivated to turn up! I think I’m in the wrong business!

  4. Agree this is a bit expensive, but unfortunately I don’t know of anything else like this in Brussels. In general, I find fitness centers and such activities here pricey compared to elsewhere, but I guess that is the market. I would hope the high price tag comes with some pretty good coaching!

  5. If that’s 250euros for up to 5 classes a week for six weeks then it’s not too horribly priced is priced is it? Personally I’m waiting for the new Crossfit Gym on Rue d’Idalie to open. 🙂

  6. Hey guys, Just saw your comments regarding our bootcamp. I appreciate your feedback regarding the high price of our program. I think maybe some are confused by our offerings as we are not “just a fitness” class. Although we do offer the option of fitness classes, we are much, much more. Our program consists not only of unlimited fitness classes in any of our locations, but nutritional consultations as well as fitness and physical assessments and measurements throughout the 6 weeks.

    We are a results oriented group that uses fitness training, nutritional guidance, goal setting and a specific measurement process as our method of helping you achieve what you want. After the 6 weeks, we show you your successes, which not only helps you stay motivated for more, but hopefully leaves you feeling great. Whether it is being your fittest, losing weight, losing fat or just feeling stronger and healthier, our program can help you. Most of our participants continue much longer than just six weeks, however, if after anytime you want “just” fitness classes, you may purchase individual bootcamp classes for 12 – 15 euros per session. We run our bootcamp classes like a personal training business where everyday class is different. One day you may get high intensity interval training like Crossfit, the next kickboxing and the next a mix of core work with strength training. You don’t know what to expect. That is the fun part. We are not like a class that you have had at the gym. When you go to BodyPump etc., you know what you are getting every time. That is great, if that is what you want. But, you will not challenge your body. Eventually, you will need to add something else. Although Crossfit is great and we have an instructor with that certification, it isn’t a holistic program or a one stop shop for health and fitness. With our program, we bring intensity, endurance, strength training, core work, and all other aspects of fitness together with nutritional guidance and accountability. Also, we welcome all levels!! We are able to give a professional athlete a great workout right next to a beginner, all while making sure that everyone else in the group has the modification of the workout to suit their level and needs.

    Everyone is invited to come and experience a class for yourself, FREE of charge. Then, I would love to hear your feedback in terms of what you think of the class, price and all. Recently an article was written about our group for Away magazine. In the article, you can read and learn a bit more about us from an unbiased journalist. To access the article, please copy and paste the following in to your web browser and click on the November issue. The article is on page 44 and 45.

    I look forward to seeing you all soon at one of our classes!!

    You can also learn more about us at

    All the best,
    Angela(Powerhour Fitness)

    P.S. Just a little more on you price conscious consumers:
    If you were to join us everyday for 6 weeks and just wanted fitness classes, that is 8 euro per class (way more than fair). If you come 4 times a week, the price per class is 10 euro per class(also reasonable). If you were to join us for 3 times a week, the price per class is 14 euro per class(a little more expensive, but you have flexibility and still the nutritional support). Don’t forget, our program offers a before, middle and after assessments, nutritional support, goal setting sessions, helpful tips, recipes, holiday workouts and so much more. Plus, our classes are challenging, super fun and provide you with results.

    Lastly, here are also a few testimonials: Maybe a bit biased as they love our program. But still, honest accounts…..

    “Bootcamp actually turned out to be much more than I expected. It includes all the components that I needed to make a difference in my health – nutrition, a complete and varied workout and committed and enthusiastic trainers. Thanks Dan and Angela!” Nathalie M.

    “Bootcamp has been a truly life-changing experience for me. It combines a full range of exercises with valuable nutritional advice. It has allowed me to push my limits further than I ever thought possible with excellent results to both my physical fitness and weight loss. The classes are always fun and being able to exercise outdoors most of the time is an added bonus.” Virva L.

    “Bootcamp has been such a positive experience for me.
    I knew that I wanted to improve my diet and exercise more, but I was having a lot of trouble knowing where to begin. I have learned so much in the past eight months and have seen amazing results. I am continually impressed with the knowledge and energy that Dan & Angela bring to this program. They make the classes challenging and fun, while “mixing things up” so that we continue to learn new things. I highly recommend this bootcamp to all! “ Elizabeth J.

    “There are no quick fixes in life, but if you are frustrated with your image, your energy levels or feel you are coping with life by the skin of your teeth, then you need look no further. As I said to a friend recently – I haven’t taken anything out of my schedule – in fact, with Bootcamp I guess I am actually busier. But I now feel like I am back in the driver’s seat and I intend to stay there!” Rebecca W

  7. Amanda says:

    I passed this on to a friend who signed up and is absolutely loving it. Have since forwarded it on to a few more friends. (As for the price, it isn’t cheap but it’s definitely on par with prices back home – US – for this sort of thing.) Thanks for another great tip!

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