Foodie Fridays – Le Coriandre

Time for another restaurant review! Last weekend we forewent the usual Thanksgiving meal madness (cooking for two days, a turkey too big for the oven, etc) and went out for a lovely meal with friends. Looking for somewhere we hadn’t been before, we elected to give Le Coriandre in Watermael-Boitsfort a try.

Tucked on a side street near the maison communale, Le Coriandre is a tiny restaurant with only about 10 tables. You might miss it completely with its small entrance and shaded windows, but the interior is bright yet cozy, refined yet relaxed. As a group of 6, we were seated in a semi-private area in the back, which was nice but just a little too close to the open kitchen (next time I would ask for one of the round tables nearer the front).

Le Coriandre Brussels

After ordering aperitifs, we had a look at the menu which included a limited but intriguing choice of starters and main dishes. You can order a la carte or choose from one of the fixed menus (3, 4 or 5 courses) – the options for the menus are the same as the a la carte. Almost all of us went for the 3 course menu, which is a great deal at €39 (plus €15 for wine pairings).

Le Coriandre 1

We were offered a series of amuse-bouches, including a delicious pumpkin soup. My first course was scallops (coquilles Saint-Jacques) served with delicate potatoes and an herb sauce that the waitress poured on at the table. Next came the main dish – amazing! I chose the venison (€10 supplement), which unlike in some restaurants, was very elegantly plated with pumpkin puree, grilled onions and cranberries. It was absolutely beautiful and I ate every bite!

Le Coriandre 2

Then came dessert – an out-of-this world lime tarte (doesn’t it look like some strange planet?). The little sticks are actually meringue drizzled with sauce. The best part was a little dish of home-made white chocolate ice cream. It was literally heaven on earth! And if that wasn’t enough, coffee came with a very generous serving of petits fours which we gobbled up.

Le Coriandre 3

So what’s the verdict? I’m sure it’s clear by now. This place was great – wonderful food, good service and lovely atmosphere. I would definitely recommend Le Coriandre for a night out with friends or a special occasion. Although the menu is a good price, with drinks and wine the total was around €80 per person.

The restaurant has a couple of unique offerings as well, such as cooking classes on Saturday mornings and a special catered (traiteur) Christmas menu for €50 per person.

Happy eating!

21 Rue Middelbourg, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort
Tel: +32 2 672 45 65

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One thought on “Foodie Fridays – Le Coriandre

  1. Hi Jane,

    great review thanks. It looks great and very interesting indeed. Just one observation (and I think you and everybody else will agree with me): I find that in the past few years prices have gone unjustifiably up (Restaurants are in general too expensive for what you get) and do not feel like going and eat out anymore. The minimum price one pays in Brussels is around 35 to 40€ (including beverages) and that also in Thai and Viet restaurants that used to be a cheap and interesting option.

    Any suggestions on where to find a restaurant where you can get good value for money and where you can eat still decent food?



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