Nationa(a)l Pop Up Store

The pop-up store concept is slowly making its way to Brussels. There are more and more these days, including a clever IKEA pop-up atelier back in October, as well as other temporary shops by major brands and collective fairs like the Brunch Affair and Brussels Vintage Market.

Now two Belgians, Alex and Adeline, have gotten together to open the Nationa(al) Pop Up Store on Place Chatelain in Brussels to help promote Belgian creative entrepreneurs.

National Pop up store Brussels

The creative economy (visual arts, cinema, fashion, publishing, design, music, etc.) has gained a lot of attention in recent years, with exports of creative products from the EU to the rest of the world growing rapidly. Some even rank Belgium as the 7th exporter worldwide of creative products. Pretty impressive for this little country! However, there is still a lack of awareness locally of such artists and the work they produce.

With the aim to help Belgian creativity develop further and gain better visibility nationally and internationally, Alex and Adeline decided to launch the Nationa(a)l Pop-Up Store to offer a platform for exhibition and sale of both emerging and established Belgian creators.

National Pop up store Brussels

Set in loft space in an old building, the store includes 425 square meters of exhibition space and all sorts of products for sale, including clothing, accessories and furniture. The designers showcased are a mix of established names and their selected protégés. See the full list of designers and contributors.

The store is also hosting events such as concerts, brunches and film screenings. There is a restaurant space set up by Kamilou, which is focused on organic farming and fair trade products. If you visit this weekend, you can enjoy a special brunch on both Saturday and Sunday hosted by two different artists. See the full schedule and Facebook page for more details.

National Pop up store Brussels

The shop is located at 18 Place du Chatelain (just next to Le Chatelain bar) and open daily until 16 December, from 10:30 to 8pm. There is an entrance fee of €6 (€3 for students), which is deducted from any purchase you make. Or wait until the last day of the exhibition when entry will be free!

Images via Nationa(a)l Pop Up Store.

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2 thoughts on “Nationa(a)l Pop Up Store

  1. Interesting idea – but the charging people €6 in seems a bit mad. What if you don’t see anything you want to buy?

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