Foodie Fridays – Chou

Last week a group of kind work contacts invited me for lunch at Chou on Place de Londres. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as sometimes work lunch type places in Brussels can leave a little to be desired. However, my hopes were raised when I heard that it was a favorite of theirs to take clients and organize events. It turned out to be very good indeed, and worth the journey through the snow.

Situated on a little square between Rue du Trône and Chaussée de Wavre, Chou (not to be confused with Le Chou de Bruxelles) is a tiny space with no more than 10 tables in an intimate setting. According to the video on their website, the whole idea behind the restaurant is ‘transparency’ – the chairs are transparent, the kitchen is open and you can see through the floor into the wine cellar. This is off-set with rustic wood tables and dark panelled walls, making it cozy yet modern.

Restaurant Chou Brussels

Chou was opened by French chef Dominique Aubry in 2007 and offers a set 3-course menu for €45. This menu instant is described as the ‘chef’s inspiration’  and was my pick for lunch that day. There are other menu options with higher price tags and wine pairings as well.

The service started out with a little amuse-bouche, which in my opinion is a sign of good things to come. The first course was two huge scallops perfectly cooked with a mushroom puree – two of my favorite things on one plate. Happy so far.

Restaurant Chou Brussels

Next came the main course of duck and a medley of vegetables and other interesting accompaniments (I can’t remember exactly what they were so please refer to the above picture. I think the orange puree was pumpkin or possibly carrot. In any case, yummy). And a flower petal and mousse make everything taste better, n’est-ce pas? I ate every bite.

Then the dessert. A trio of chocolate mousse, mini cheesecake and vanilla ice cream. All delicious and light enough not to feel stuffed from lunch. Coffee came with a generous selection of petits fours which I couldn’t resist tasting.

Restaurant Chou Brussels

The wait-staff was extremely friendly and welcoming, and was just attentive enough during the meal. Now I know €45 is expensive for a mid-day meal, but if someone else is footing the bill (e.g. your employer) I would highly recommend it. Otherwise, go in the evening for a special dinner, as the food is truly of gourmet quality.

Thanks to the very generous colleagues/friends who introduced me to Chou. It was a lovely meal in a perfect setting on a cold day!

Wishing you a good weekend and happy eating!

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3 thoughts on “Foodie Fridays – Chou

  1. Oh I LOVE Chou! Those are some colleagues with very good taste 😉

  2. MsContinentJumper says:

    Ah nuts. I usually love your recommendations (and always love your blog), but I am not a fan of this place. It was easily the most over-rated dining experience we’ve had here. Our dinner bill was several times the price of your lunch and both our meals were just “ehh”.

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