Foodie Fridays – Keep on Toasting

Well I finally got my act together and found the Keep on Toasting food truck last Sunday. The street food movement has had a slow start here in Brussels, so a young chef selling gourmet croque-monsieurs (toasted sandwiches) makes a great addition to the scene.

I first heard about Jean-Baptiste and his truck when he opened a couple of months ago but just never managed to find him at lunch time. Let’s blame it on the weather this winter, shall we? Anyway, this past weekend while perusing the stalls at the Flagey market (as noted yesterday, one of my favorite things to do in Brussels), I at long last found the Keep on Toasting truck.

Keep on Toasting

This of course just happened to be the day when the Belgian TV channel RTBF was filming a segment about entrepreneurs during the economic crisis, including Jean-Baptiste. You can watch the clip here (and maybe even catch me on camera too :)) Keep on Toasting has already gained a lot of popularity due to unique sandwiches and Jean-Baptiste’s great use of Twitter and website to keep people informed of his location.

Keep on Toasting

The little white truck was tucked among the vendors at the market, with a few customers lined up and lots of interest from passers-by. The menu is straight forward – 4 different sandwich options and one dessert every day. The current selection includes the croque-belge (ham, Belgian cheese, Brussels sprouts, nutmeg), croq-français (Entremont cheese, chicken, leeks, rosemary-honey), croq-italien (mozzarella, Italian ham, grilled courgette, red pepper tapenade, thyme), and croq-indien (tandoori cheese, sweet-sour carrots, lemongrass, raisins, curry). All cost €5 and for the moment you have to pay by card (Bank Contact or Proton), as the chef works alone and doesn’t want to handle food and money at the same time.

Keep on Toasting

I opted for the croq-italien, and as it was a cold day, Jean-Baptiste wrapped them up so we could take them home to eat along with a bowl of soup. He also very kindly threw in an order of crepes (€2 for 3), which was the dessert of the day. The sandwich was toasted to perfection on his griddle and had the right balance of ingredients. Even after the ride home, it was still warm and delicious.

If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend finding the Keep on Toasting truck for a lunch-time snack. You can check the website for the menu and calendar of locations (which changes daily) or follow Jean-Baptiste @keepontoasting or on Facebook for his latest news.

And if you’re really a social media guru, your first Foursqaure check-in at the truck will grant you a free dessert and your tenth check-in will gift you a free croque-monsieur sandwich.

Wishing you all a happy weekend and to Jean-Baptiste, keep on toasting!

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