I’m baaack!

Yesterday was one of those great days in Brussels. The sun was shining, temperatures reached 20C and everyone was outside making the most of it. I took a stroll around Flagey market, joined friends for brunch at Belga Cafe, did a loop around the Ixelles ponds and the Abbey, and just generally soaked up the warmth and good atmosphere. This winter hasn’t been especially harsh, but the city completely changed over the weekend with the first signs of spring. Such a glorious day truly brings out the best of Brussels which has inspired me to return to this blog.

I know, I know. I’ve been away for almost a year. But let me explain – I had a baby. For those of you who have been there, no further explanation needed. For those of you who haven’t, free time (to do frivolous things like writing) all but disappears. The first few months are now a blur. Once my brain power started to return to full capacity, I needed every ounce to get back to work. Over the past months I’ve thought occasionally about things I should be sharing on this blog but just haven’t quite mustered the strength, or enough quiet moments alone, to actually sit down and type.

But no more excuses. I’m back! Now that said, being back may take on a slightly different form than in the past. The nature, and speed, of life has changed and I’m afraid so have the things I do around Brussels. The husband and I still like to discover new restaurants, but just not as often. I still like to find unique things to do and see around the city, but just not as many. I still want to share the best of Brussels with everyone so am going to start posting again, but maybe just not as regularly as in the past. 🙂

If you’re one of my great readers from before or if you’re brand new to Brussels, I hope you’ll join me (again) on my search to find the best this town has to offer! In the meantime, here are a few snaps from my walk around the neighborhood yesterday. See you all soon!

Abbaye de La Cambre

Abbaye de La Cambre

Abbaye de La Cambre

Abbaye de La Cambre

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8 thoughts on “I’m baaack!

  1. OldFashionedBXL says:

    Greart to have you back 😉

  2. Great news Jane, I will be happy to read you again, although we don’t go out or to Brussels as often as before, for similar reasons 😉

  3. This is wonderful news! Your blog was such a huge help to me as we contemplated our move to Brussels, and I have missed it!

  4. Karlijn says:

    Congratulations! I’m happy to read you again. Since you’re a mom now, you might like kidsgazette, it’s a free trilingual cultural journal aimed at children (0-12 years) in Brussels (you may even find tips&tricks on where to eat best with kids 🙂 ).

  5. Welcome back Jane! I can’t wait to see you new discoveries!

  6. Yelyam says:

    Hey… Congratulations!

    Well, that would be interresting, as you will now discover Brussels also trough the eyes of a baby (and then small child..) so you might give very nice tips about those trendy places who are kids’ friendly!

    I use to go for lunch with one of my friend and her little one and my choices are always based on that:
    is there a space for changing the infant? (yes, at Café Poussette in Schaerbeek, but not only!)
    Do they have special furniture for kids?
    is the music no too loud? (that’s when you believe that Café Belga and all alike places are pushing kids away as from 6pm!)
    is there’s enough room for the stroller (good info to have also for the shops!)?
    Can we ask to have his food heated?
    Is there a dedicated area so older kids can enjoy and not get bored?
    What to do with the kids who are pleasant for them and do not make the parents just being their guardians but actually enjoy their time to?
    Can I breast feed my child discreetly?

    And many other questions, I must be missing as I don’t have a kid myself!

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