Foodie Fridays – To Market

Until recently, I lived near Place Flagey and had really grown to love the area. Walking to the weekend market is probably what I miss most. Although not as close, I still try to go on Saturday or Sunday morning to pick up some produce, flowers or a roast chicken. I know everyone in Brussels has their favourite market but this one is definitely mine, so here are my top picks for the best vendors at the Flagey market.

Number one would have to be the chicken from De Rijdende Kip. The chicken and other meat is roasted on a spit to perfection, with the juices collected and poured over potatoes. This place always has a line a mile long, so go early or be prepared to wait.

Next on my list is Palais des Plantes. There are two flower/plant stalls at Flagey, but I find the selection and prices to be best at this one. They are always located on the north-east edge of the square.


There are several fruit and vegetables vendors but my favorite has to be Amafruit. They don’t have the most beautiful display or exotic choices, but they are extremely efficient in serving their many customers and have competitive prices. Tip – grab what you want to buy and hand it to the salesperson to be weighed instead of waiting for them to call on you. 


A recent addition to the market is Tapendades Maison Olives et Compagnie. This stall used to join the Place Jourdan market but is now a regular at Flagey. They offer a huge assortment of olives and olivepastes. They’re a bit pricy but make a wonderful snack or appetizer on bread, and last up to a month in the fridge.  

One last recommendation is the quiche cart. Owned by a guy named Alain but staffed by a young woman, this place has delicious quiches of all sorts, usually with seasonal ingredients. The quiches are so popular that they were all out when I came by to take a picture. Note – they are only at the market on Sundays. 

Rain or shine, the Flagey market is open every Saturday and Sunday from about 9am to 2pm. Go before noon for the best selection and to avoid the crowds, especially on Saturday. When you’re done shopping, visit one of the stalls offering drinks and snacks, or head inside to Cafe Belga to warm up.

Have another favorite vendor or market you would recommend? Leave a comment!

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3 thoughts on “Foodie Fridays – To Market

  1. mikanqueen says:

    I like your blog. I no longer live in Brussels but I like to read your impressions of the city that was my home for 5 years 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  2. Emily says:

    My favorite is definitely the Moroccan pancake vendor at the Gare du Midi market on Sundays ( The crepes coupled with the mint tea is the best thing on a cold morning. The artisanal jam maker on Sunday mornings at the Parvis St. Gilles is also worth checking out!

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