Foodie Fridays – The Ultimate Brussels Burger Guide

Absent from the Brussels restaurant scene a couple of years ago, the hamburger has recently taken over this city. It seems to be on menus all across town and loads of blogs have shared their views on the best place to enjoy one. So here is a quick review of some of the top burger joints in Brussels along with a summary of the reviews from others bloggers I follow. This is my ultimate guide to the burger in Brussels.

1. Ellis Gourmet Burger

Jessica over at Adventures of a Puertorican Girl in Brussels recently wrote here about her favorite (and not so favorite) burger places. I trust her opinion, not only because she is a good friend :), but she is also from the US, the birthplace of the hamburger. Ellis Gourmet Burger tops her list.

Housed in a Flemish style building, this place is named after Ellis Island in New York City where the hamburger was originally eaten among the German immigrant community. It has a cool retro decor and good service. Jessica recommends the mini burger trio – lamb, chicken, and beef – to satisfy your curiosity. The Belgian blog Des Filles a Retordre is also a fan of Ellis – see review here. Burger prices start at €8. I’m dying to try this place!

4 Place Sainte Catherine 4, 1000 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 514 23 14
Open Sunday to Wednesday, 12-11pm, Thursday to Saturday 12pm-midnight

2. Les Super Filles du Tram

Rachel from Bite Me Brussels and I agree – Les Super Filles du Tram does a great hamburger. I wouldn’t go here for the setting, a bit cramped and slightly uncomfortable seats. But when you’re starving, as I was when I went last month, none of that matters. I had the Le Classique (€11) which comes piled high with carmalized onions, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce. Rachel and I agree on something else too – the fries here are perfection. I ate absolutely every bite. Bec in Brussels also wrote up Super Filles with a slightly more mixed review.

22 Rue Lesbroussart, 1050 Ixelles
Tel: +32 2 648 46 60
Open Monday to Friday, 12-3pm, 6-11pm, Saturday 12-11pm, Sunday 11am-5pm

3. Cool Bun

Cool Bun comes in at a close third. According to Jessica and Kate over at Bruxelles La Belle, Cool Bun near Place Stephanie has great service, reasonable prices and, most importantly, delicious food. This place is also a wine bar and they make their own bread. The menu includes some unique burger ingredients like lobster, and they even have onion rings (yummy). La Libre’s food blog La Cuisine a Quatre Mains likes the burgers too but knocks the wine selection/prices and slightly boring decor. Average price for a burger is €14.

34 Rue Berckmans, 1060 Saint-Gilles
Tel: +32 2 537 80 02
Open Monday, 6-11pm, Tuesday to Saturday, 12-3pm and 6-11pm

4. Houtsiplou

Last but not definitely not least is Houtsiplou, located on Place Rouppe downtown. The cool blog I Love Belgium praises the food here and the colorful, fun interior decorated with drawings by local artist CÄät. According to ILB, the service can be a bit slow, but the staff is friendly and they have a huge terrace with picnic tables to enjoy in warmer weather. Des Filles a Retordre also pick Houtsiplou as one of the best burgers in Brussels. Prices start at €14. My favorite thing about this place – it’s just across the square from Comme Chez Soi, the most expensive restaurant in the city!

9 Place Rouppe, 1000 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 511 38 16
Open Monday to Sunday, 12-2:30pm and 6-10:30pm

Places to avoid!! Burger Republic near Place Flagey and Balmoral Milk Bar. Both have horrible service and only average food.

Who do you think serve’s the best hamburger in Brussels? Share your recommendations by leaving a comment!

Images via Ellis Gourmet Burger, Shop in Brussels, Adventures of a Puertorican Girl in Brussels and Stitch and Bear.

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18 thoughts on “Foodie Fridays – The Ultimate Brussels Burger Guide

  1. Thanks Jane for the “shoutout” I also enjoyed Le super filles du tram after the comments on my Burger Wars Blog. Let me know when you want to go to Ellis 🙂

  2. I must add the Old Oak to the runner up list. They also do a pretty good burger in a traditional pub setting. Good choice on Monday nights when they have their weekly pub quiz – Thanks to my friend Dom for the reminder on this one!

  3. Ella Guru says:

    Just a note: Les Super Filles du Tram and Houtsiplou both have the same owner + more or less the same menu + the same concept (just like Gudule, near la Gare Centrale).

  4. Konstantinos says:

    “De Valeras” Irish Pub should be on the top of the list. Hands down, the best burger in Belgium to say at least. Big, tasty, filling, without excess sauce that will mess your hands while you grab it. Comes with french (or Belgian) fries and a variety of additional ketchup, mayo and mustard.

    Try the “Burger Madame” or the “Grilled Lamb Burger” without the Blue Cheese.

  5. knuthansen says:

    I would like to add COCO

    they have the most delicious double cheese burger (COCO deluxe) at least in the whole schuman destrict, located right by the european parliament on place du luxembourg. a bit more expensive than fat boys but if you already are on place luxembourg, go to COCO, it is more worth it.

  6. And for any Flemish speakers out there, even more opinions over on Brusselblogt –

  7. Roger says:

    I raise you Cafe Callens just off ave Louise near l’abbaye.

  8. viviane says:

    I don’t agree about Republic Burger… I appreciate them… Ok, it’s not light, and it’s not a dancing club neither… but their burgers are good. For the rest, I follow you 100%

  9. johnny says:

    you must definitely add “fat boys” over at place lux to your list
    delicious grilled burger and great atmosphere for watching sports

  10. james says:

    Ah ha. You missed The Deli in the city centre. They do verrrrrrrrrrry good Burritos too. Ándele arriba.

  11. I went to Comic Cafe in Sablon when they first opened, and I thought they had the best burger in the world! I used to live in the US, so this is a real compliment coming from me. The patties were so good, I think they voodoo-ed it or something. I went there again last month and I think the original chef must’ve been kidnapped by aliens and replaced with a Martian cos it was crap.

    I am looking for new burger joints and thanks for the recommendation, because I will SO try these! I hope they wont disappoint!

  12. Doun says:

    Ellis is irremediably average, the meat is thin and not exceptional. Les jeunes filles du Tram are interesting but I think burgers are like pizzas, the less ingredients, the better, I think they usually use too many stuff to look fancy and it’s just a big mess (impossible to eat without destroying the burger) and difficult to digest. De Valeras is awfully fat and the meat taste nothing.

    Most of all I have to mention l’Amour Fou, which is still now the best place in Bruxelles to eat a state of art burger. And this list isn’t bad

  13. bobo says:

    You can try the burgers of ‘t Bolleke ( This small restaurant is located near Madou and Arts-loi. Their speciality are the brussels meatballs in tomato sauce but their burger is really good (+ homemade mayonaise). According to the owner, their secret is fresh beef delivered every morning from l’abbatoir d’anderlecht. Tip: go for the double bacon cheeseburger :). Unfortunately, t bolleke is only open for lunch and closed the weekend

  14. philipp says:

    Went to Burger Republic couple of weeks ago (before reading your post) and I have to say I only agree about the service – it was slow and Belgian-style unfriendly. The burger I had was very good, though. Not the best burger I ever had, but certainly way above average.

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